Jumat, 16 Desember 2016

This really is my final decision

This really is my final decision. From this moment and forever, I do not want to close again at Kak Re. Despite being his student. I'm already really the same affection and love Kak Re, but now I've already hurt. I really do not want to see the face of Kak Re longer in school.

Today, I stumbled away from Kak Re. Each I know Kak Re coming through the same path like me, I always hide in a nearby classroom. Until http://cerpen78.tumblr.com/post/154184842986/tumbuh-perasaan-pantun-yang-ingin-dibaca the first break, I managed to avoid Kak Re. I just ngelihat his face from a distance. I do not want to be Re Kak know if I'm still merhatiin him.

When I sat down to-do with a group of friends in a gang in the cafeteria, Bu Yuni asked me for a copy of the list of values ​​in the office. Ugh, my efforts in vain to escape from Kak Re today. Because at school, Kak Re was the one who used to serve for a copy. That means I would not want to have to see Kak Re also. Pas've.

arrived at the office, I Just say a copy, not even a second look at his face. Then he said, "Stay wrote first. Still queued point. ". Without further ado http://katakatayunus.eklablog.com/merasakan-bagaimana-puisi-sedih-indah-a127788648 I immediately left the office. Truth cheeky too. But this time I did not care at the same courtesy when dealing Kak Re. Because I was really hurt. Half an hour later, I took fotocopyan it.

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